Legendary director Michael Curtiz (CASABLANCA) helmed this lavish wide-screen Technicolor epic that remains a classic family film.

Civil War veteran Alan Ladd roams the frontier with his young son, who has not spoken a word after a traumatic shock during the war, searching for a doctor who can cure him.

Along the way, Ladd accidentally runs afoul of sheep baron Dean Jagger and is forced into indentured servitude to farm woman Olivia De Havilland. Ladd falls in love with her, and vows to protect her land from the schemes of Jagger and his men.

During the climatic final battle, Ladd's young son is finally able to find his voice again.

Alan Ladd  as  John Chandler
Olivia de Havilland  as  Linett Moore
Dean Jagger  as  Harry Burleigh
David Ladd  as  David Chandler
Cecil Kellaway  as  Dr. Enos Davis
Henry Hull  as  Judge Morley
Harry Dean Stanton  as  Jeb Burleigh
John Carradine  as  Traveling Salesman
Mary Wickes  as  Mrs. Ainsley
King  as  Lance, David's Dog

DIRECTOR:  Michael Curtiz
PRODUCER:  Samuel Goldwyn Jr.
WRITER:  James Edward Grant
MUSIC:  Jerome Moross
Availability:  35mm; DVD
Date of Release:  1958

103 Minutes; Technicolor 1.85/Mono


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