One of the best of the German "krimi" films of the 1960's.  This genre -- expressionistic, often bizarre crime stories -- predates and inspired the later Italian "Gialli" films.


Based on a story by Bryan Edgar Wallace, THE MONSTER OF LONDON CITY is highly stylized cinema.  Although the German filmmakers were trying hard to capture the look of foggy London (where krimi films are almost always nominally set -- using foggy Hamburg as a stand-in) they actually manage to capture some of the ambiance of early 20th century Germany Expressionism.  The Expressionist movement was destroyed in its native land by Hitler when he drove all the "decadent" Modernist artists out of the country.  Many ended up in America where their artistic sensibilities informed 1940's American film noir.  The German krimi movies, by accident or design, capture a lot of this old visual style, even if plot-wise they're a lot closer to the ridiculous, zany Italian Gialli films they inspired -- than the fatalistic, downbeat film noir of old German horror films. However, what both genres have in common is an emphasis on powerful visual motifs, which is unusual in the modern world of cinema, dominated as it has been by the heavily narrative Hollywood style.


Although filmed in 1964, THE MONSTER OF LONDON CITY was not released in the United States until 1967 as a double-feature with our other Krimi feature, THE PHANTOM OF SOHO.



Hansjorg Felmy  as  Richard Sand

Marianne Koch  as  Ann Morlay

Dietmar Schonherr  as  Dr. Morely Greely/Michael

Hans Nielsen  as  Dorne

Chariklia Baxevanos  as  Betty Ball

Fritz Tillman  as  Sir George

PRODUCER:  Artur Brauner

DIRECTOR:  Edwin Zbonek

WRITERS:  Bryan Edgar Wallace, Robert A. Stemmle


ORIGINAL MUSIC:  Martin Bottcher

PRODUCTION DESIGN:  Hans Jurgen Kiebach, Ernst Schomer

Availability:  35mm
Date of Release:  Germany 1964; United States 1967

87 Minutes; Color and B&W;

Dubbed to English



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