A terrific entry in the German "krimi" genre of the 1960's.  These expressionistic, often bizarre crime stories predate and inspired the later Italian "Gialli" films.


Based on a novel by Bryan Edgar Wallace, THE PHANTOM OF SOHO is highly stylized cinema.  A hooded killer is disposing of clients of a seedy strip club.  Government officials are heavily involved.  A white slavery ring and revenge tie into the plot as well.  The usual red herrings abound and the killer seemingly comes out of left field.  Although the German filmmakers were trying hard to capture the look of foggy London (where krimi films are almost always nominally set -- using foggy Hamburg as a stand-in) they actually manage to capture some of the ambiance of early 20th century Germany Expressionism.


Although filmed in 1964, THE PHANTOM OF SOHO was not released in the United States until 1967 as a double-feature with our other Krimi feature, THE MONSTER OF LONDON CITY.



Dieter Borsche  as  Chief Inspector Hugh Patton

Barbara Rutting  as  Clarinda Smith

Hans Sohnker  as  Sir Phillip

Peter Vogel  as  Sergeant Hallam

Helga Sommerfield  as  Corinne Smith

PRODUCER:  Artur Brauner

DIRECTOR:  Franz Josef Gottlieb

WRITERS:  Bryan Edgar Wallace, Ladislas Fodor


ORIGINAL MUSIC:  Martin Bottcher

PRODUCTION DESIGN:  Hans Jurgen Kiebach, Ernst Schomer

Availability:  35mm
Date of Release:  Germany 1964; United States 1967

92 Minutes; Color and B&W;

Dubbed to English

Alternate Title:  DAS PHANTOM VON SOHO


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