Its 1969 and the skies have never been friendlier. Experience a day in the life of a group of swinging stewardesses where anything goes.  So put your tray table down, make sure your seat is in the reclined, relaxed position and enjoy the trip.

THE STEWARDESSES was perhaps the first American film of its kind that played in mainstream theaters and it is considered to be the first film of the "Porno Chic" movement.  After the movie opened in San Francisco in the summer of 1969, it ignited screens across the country, building a buzz -- and box office receipts -- that the Hollywood majors would die for. 

By the way, our 35mm 3-D print of THE STEWARDESSES is offered in the StereoVision process.  This process utilized a single-camera 3-D system that was simple and economical to use. In the 1950's, 3-D films had to be shot with two cameras, and showing a 3-D film in a theater had required two projectors which often went out of sync. The new single-camera system put the two images side-by-side in a normal 35mm film frame, thus allowing the use of a very portable camera.

Christina Hart  as  Stewardess Samantha
Michael Garrett  as  Colin Winthrop
Paula erikson  as  Tina
Wuilliam Basil  as  Captain Brad Masters
Angelique de Moline  as  Jo peters
Donna Stanley  as  Horney Annie

PRODUCERS: Chris Condon, Louis K. Sher, Al Silliman Jr.
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Christopher Bell, Chris Condon
EDITOR: Cordell Fray
MUSIC:  Jaime Mendoza-Nava

Availability:  35mm; DVD
3-D Process:  StereoVision (Side-by-Side Images Within Frame)
Date of Release:  1969 
93 Minutes; Color/Mono


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