"THEIR NAMES SPELL TERROR FOR BANDITS!  WARNING: Outlaws Who Don't Leave Town Will Be Carried Out!" So read the poster of this Monogram Studios oater. The Range Busters have been sent to Dry Gulch where a gang has been holding up stages and committing murder. Arriving, Dusty shoots the gun out of the hand of bad-guy Decker. The two men then plan a showdown after Decker's hand heals. This gives the Range Busters time to prove that Decker and his men are the guilty ones.

A terrific entry to the popular Range Busters series.

John 'Dusty' King  as  'Dusty' King
David Sharpe  as  Dave Sharpe

Max Terhune  as  'Alibi' Terhune

Elmer  as  Elmer, Alibi's Dummy

Gwen Gaze  as  Joan Hodges

Charles King  as  Trigger Farley
George Chesbro  as  Decker

DIRECTOR:  Robert Emmett Tansey
WRITER:  William L. Nolte

STUNTS:  Kermit Maynard

Availability:  35mm
Date of Release:  1943

54 Minutes;  B&W


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