K. Gordon Murray's Exploitation Classic. SHANTY TRAMP is a sleazy classic of subversive exploitation cinema.  If you've a taste for the cheap and vulgar, "Shanty Tramp" will serve you a feast.

The Shanty Tramp is the most available woman in a small, southern town, and the daughter of the town drunk.  The story follows Emily -- played by the pneumatically talented Lee Holland in her first and last film--to a tent revival where she successfully propositions an evangelist, to a biker bar where she picks up the leader of the pack, to an old shed that is home to an even older mattress that has served Emily well in the past and which one suspects contains more DNA than has been seen by the entire cast of CSI. Along the way and for added spice, Emily beds a young black man; not a good idea in the South, circa 1960.

Murder; a cheap whore; a motorcycle gang; rape--real and claimed; alcoholism; racism; a lynch mob; and, a greedy evangelist combine to form the elements of one of the worst movies ever made. I loved every lousy frame of this film that is so bad it's great.

One piece of advice: wash your hands after watching this movie.  Better yet, take a shower.

Filmed on location in the sleaziest part of Florida.

Lee Holland  as  Emily
Bill Rogers  as  The Man
Lawrence Robin  as  The Other Man

PRODUCER:  K. Gordon Murray
DIRECTOR:  Joseph G. Prieto
WRITERS:  Reuben Guberman, Joseph G. Prieto

Availability:  35mm; DVD
Date of Release:  1967

72 Minutes;  B&W 1.37/Mono


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