Another great documentary from the early 1970's, SEXUAL LIBERTY NOW is the sequel to the wildly successful SEXUAL FREEDOM IN DENMARK. It urges the government to stop repressing sexuality in America. And to help that idea along, the film shows things that very few mainstream movies of the era would even dare. Like a trip in a sexed-up time machine, SEXUAL LIBERTY NOW fits perfectly with our SEXUAL FREEDOM IN DENMARK a great midnight double feature for adults only.

Distributed theatrically under license from Sabucat Productions.

Ron Gans  as  The Narrator
Fr. Morton Hill  as  Himself

Lyndon Johnson  as  Himself
John Holmes  as  Orgy Member

PRODUCER:  M.C. Von Hellen
DIRECTOR:  M. C. Von Hellen


Availability:  35mm; DVD
Date of Release:  1970
80 Minutes;  Color 1.85/Mono


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