An entertaining movie just over the hump of the 30's shoot'em up Westerns, Zane Grey wrote this take on social values such as alcoholism, race prejudice, and the basic frailties of man. Most cowboy pictures of this time were the White hat vs. the Black hat type and were rather simple. Victor Jory's character is basically good, yet he'd been a hired gun in Mexico and had become a drunk due to his conscience. He is saved by Jo Ann Sayers who leads him on the path of righteousness. You can tell from Jory's performance that he would later play more villains rather than sympathetic characters, as he had a naturally sinister manner which projected on the screen.

Alan Ladd has one of his first screen appearances.

Victor Jory  as  Gene Stewart
Jo Ann Sayers  as  "Majesty" Hammond

Russell Hayden  as  Al Hammond

Morris Ankrum  as  Nat Hayworth

Noah Beery Jr.  as  Poco, Stewart's Sidekick

Tom Tyler  as  Sheriff Tom Hawes

Eddie Dean  as  Nels Hand

Alan Ladd  as  Danny

PRODUCER:  Harry Sherman
DIRECTOR:  Lesley Selander
WRITER:  Zane Grey
MUSIC:  Victor Young

Availability:  35mm; DVD
Date of Release:  1940

64 Minutes;  B&W 1.37/Mono 


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