Everybody’s favorite street gang, the East Side Kids, have decided to get into the boxing racket, putting their best foot forward with boxing champ Muggs (Leo Gorcey). But victory in the ring isn’t his only challenge. He also has to deal with getting kidnapped by a rival gang. Another hilarious entry in the series, KID DYNAMITE has comedy, music, boxing, a jitterbug contest and even a little romance – something for everybody. So watch it, ya mug!

Comic Morey Amsterdam --THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW’S Buddy Sorrell – contributed some additional comic material to the script … without credit.

Leo Gorcey  as  Muggs
Huntz Hall  as  Glimpy McGleavey

Bobby Jordan  as  Danny Lyons

Gabriel Dell  as  Harry Wycoff

PRODUCER:  Jack Dietz
DIRECTOR:  Wallace Fox
WRITER:  Gerald Schnitzer


MUSIC:  Edward J. Kay

Availability:  35mm; DVD
Date of Release:  1943

66 Minutes;  B&W


  2019 Holland Releasing
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