KARAMOJA pretends to be a documentary about the practices of native tribes.   But the audiences who flocked to see it didn’t want to be educated – they came to gasp and gag at the amazing, often sickening, sacrificial rites captured by the filmmakers’ camera.   Independently released by exploitation pioneer Kroger Babb, this movie, according to the critics, is “disgusting and nauseating” and has “scenes to make the squeamish squirm.”   And what was true in 1954 is still true today.

Watch KARAMOJA …if you dare!

Numerous primitives

PRODUCER:  Matt Freed
CINEMATOGRAPHER:  Dr. William B. Treutle
WRITER:  T. F. Woods

MUSIC:  Ernest Gold

Availability:  35mm
Date of Release:  1954

63 Minutes;  Color 1.37/Mono


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