When the planet Mongo threatens to collide with Earth, super spaceman Flash Gordon flies into action. Once he gets to the rogue planet Flash finds himself threatened by its evil ruler, Ming the Merciless – and seduced by Ming’s sexy daughter Aura. Flash’s girlfriend Dale Arden isn't happy about either of those events but if you’re a fan of classic serials, you’ll love every minute. 

 This is a feature-length compilation of the 1936 serial. Fast-paced in its original form, this edited version moves like an MTV video – and makes even less sense.  So be prepared to go forward into the future of the past with the intrepid Flash Gordon!

Larry “Buster” Crabbe  as  Flash Gordon
Jean Rogers  as  Dale Arden
Charles Middleton  as  Ming the Merciless

Priscilla Lawson  as  Princess Aura

PRODUCER:  Robert M. Beche
DIRECTOR:  Frederick Stephani

WRITER:  Frederick Stephani
CINEMATOGRAPHER:  Jerome Ash, Richard Fryer
ART DIRECTION:  Ralph Berger

Availability:  35mm; DVD
Date of Release:  1936

72 Minutes;  B&W


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