The town of Goldfield has been having more than its fair share of stagecoach robberies so they send for lawman Johnny Carpenter to bring some much-needed law and order. But even Johnny is challenged by the rampant lawlessness in Goldfield and he finds himself facing down against bandits, dishonest miners and all manner of troublemakers. Luckily, Johnny is aided by the town’s law officers – Bob and Bess Bendon and their dog Daisy. There’s plenty of shooting and chases and fist fights – and Daisy comes up again the wrong end of a skunk. In this classic B-western, the action never stops.
Johnny Carpenter  as  Johnny
Alyn Lockwood  as  Bess Benson
Troy Tarrell  as  Bob Benson
Keene Duncan  as  Rance

PRODUCER:  Jack Schwartz
DIRECTOR:  Robert Emmett Tansey
WRITERS:  Robert Emmett Tansey, Alyn Lockwood

Availability:  35mm
Date of Release:  1951

56 Minutes;  Black & White


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