THE LOST CITY, one of the most fondly remembered and fantastic of all movie cliffhangers, and a box-office record breaker in its day, is a sweeping panorama of weird events.  Originally a 12-chapter serial from 1935, our feature film compilation is the insanely fun story of a power-mad scientist hell-bent upon destroying the world with man-made earthquakes and strange electrical weapons.  But our hero, a brave, young scientist, comes to the rescue.
Now here's the amazing part -- take a look at the technical crew on this baby: cinematography by Edward Linden, who was the cinematographer on 1933's "King Kong", art direction by Ralph Berger, who went on to do "Flash Gordon" a couple of years later, and special electrical effects by Ken Strickfaden, who did both the original "Frankenstein" AND "Bride of Frankenstein".  This is GREAT stuff!  Good-guy lead Kane Richmond went on to become 1942's "Spy Smasher", and played Lamont Cranston ("The Shadow"). But the guy who really sets the tone of this frantic actioner is William "Stage" Boyd. (He started using "Stage" as a differentiator from the "other" William Boyd, better known to all as "Hopalong Cassidy".) Boyd is obviously intoxicated through most of this, thereby establishing himself as perhaps the maddest scientist of all time. He can hurl thunderbolts across the planet, sink ships, cause earthquakes, turn normal men into giants and black men into white.  Never a dull moment, endlessly entertaining, and sets the standard for serials for at least the next decade.

William 'Stage' Boyd  as  Zolok
George 'Gabby' Hayes  as  Butterfield
Kane Richmond  as  Bruce Gordon
Claudia Dell  as  Natcha Manyus
Billy Bletcher  as  Gorzo
Jerry Frank  as  Appollyn
Gino Corrado  as  Sheikh Ben Ali
Sam Baker  as  The Giant

PRODUCER:  Sherman S. Krellberg
DIRECTOR:  Harry Reiver
CINEMATOGRAPHY:  Edward Linden, Roland Price
EDITOR:  Holbrook N. Todd
ART DIRECTION:  Ralph Berger
SPECIAL EFFECTS:  Ken Strickfaden
MUSIC: Lee Zahler
Availability:  35mm
Date of Release:  1935

75 Minutes;  B&W


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