40 Minute Horror/Sci-Fi Pre-Show.Re-live all the fun of those wonderful old midnight horror shows of the 1950s and 1960s with SPOOKTACULAR! This wildly entertaining program includes the creepy Max Fleischer Technicolor cartoon COBWEB HOTEL, a hilarious tour by Alfred Hitchcock of the PSYCHO movie house, and lots of vintage horror and sci-fi trailers.

SPOOKTACULAR is the perfect companion piece if you’re showing a horror feature – may we suggest George A. Romero's all-time classic zombie movie NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD?

Distributed theatrically under license from Holland Entertainment Group, Inc.

Don Knotts, Vincent Price, Abbott & Costello, Alfred Hitchcock, and lots of monsters and alien creatures

Producer:  Thomas W. Holland

Availability:  DCP; 35mm; DVD; Blu-Ray
Date of Release:  2005
40 Minutes; B&W/Color
1.85/Mono Dolby

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