Rheton is no ordinary planet. It can zip in and out of any solar system it needs to in order to protect itself. Naturally, a team of astronauts from earth want to get up there and see what’s happening and before you know it, they’re battling huge monsters and other extra-terrestrial threats. But that’s okay because Rheton comes equipped with lots of gorgeous space women, too – definitely worth fighting for.

THE PHANTOM PLANET is the kind of film that Ed Wood would have made on a bad day. And we can’t think of higher praise!

Dean Fredericks  as  Frank Chapman
Coleen Gray  as  Liara
Anthony Dexter  as  Herron

Francis X. Bushman  as  Sessom

PRODUCER:  Fred Gebhardt
DIRECTOR:  William Marshall

CINEMATOGRAPHER:  Elwood J. Nicholson

WRITERS:  William Telaak, Fred De Gorter, Fred Gebhardt
Availability:  35mm; DVD
Date of Release:  1961

82 Minutes;  B&W


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