Some creepy opening scenes set the pace for this excellent Edgar Wallace thriller. A hooded society passes judgement on criminals "beyond the reach of the law" who are summarily hung and dumped into the Thames river. A hangman's rope from Scotland Yard is repeatedly stolen and used in the executions. Is a member of Scotland Yard in the society?In the meantime a serial killer is beheading young women and absconding with their heads, which he tries to attach to a robot's body.A step away from being a really superior film, THE MAD EXECUTIONERS is still a minor classic.
Hansjorg Felmy  as  John Hillier
Maria Perschy  as  Ann Barry
Dieter Borsche  as  Dr. Mac Ferguson

Rudolf Forster  as  Sir Francis Elliott

Harry Riebauer  as  Dr. Philip Trooper

DIRECTOR:  Edwin Zbonek
WRITER:  Edgar Wallace

MUSIC:  Raimund Rosenberger

Availability:  35mm
Date of Release:  1963

92 Minutes;  B&W
2.35 Cinemascope/Mono


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