In the distant futuristic year of 1970, a strange magnetic spool is discovered by construction workers. Scientists determine that it came from the planet Venus so, naturally enough, they hop on a rocket ship to figure out what the spool is and what kind of civilization created it. And soon enough, they’re really sorry they even got started on this.  

This huge movie was a Polish-East German co-production, the first to be shot in the widescreen process Totalvision. It was the most expensive film produced by its company. Even so, it eventually ended up on MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000, so you do the math.  

This is a very rare opportunity to see this good/bad film in all its Totalscope and Technicolor splendor.

Yoko Tani  as  Sumiko Ogimura
Oldrich Lukes  as  Prof. Harringway Hawling

Ignacy Machowski  as  Orloff

Julius Ongewe  as  Talua

DIRECTOR:  Kurt Maezig
WRITER:  Jan Fethke


MUSIC:  Andrej Markowski

Availability:  35mm; DVD
Date of Release:  1960

79 Minutes; Technicolor;


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