Nick Richards comes to a small Texas town, claiming to have been summoned there by his uncle. Once there, he learns that his uncle is dead and, naturally enough, decides to take over his uncle’s business of selling goat’s milk. But that is only a sideline to Nick’s real life’s work, which is to serve Satan, transform himself into strange animals, and stomp people to death. THE DEVIL’S PARTNER is an eerie tale of devil worship and horror.

Edgar Buchanan was a well-known character actor. This is a rare starring role for him. Fans of TV sitcoms of the Sixties will know him best as Uncle Joe (who’s movin’ kinda slow) on PETTICOAT JUNCTION.

Ed Nelson  as  Nick Richards
Edgar Buchanan  as  Doc Lucas

Jean Allison  as  Nell Lucas

Richard Crane  as  David Simpson

PRODUCER:  Hugh Hooker
DIRECTOR:  Charles R. Rondeau

WRITERS:  Stanley Clements, Laura Jean Mathews

CINEMATOGRAPHER:  Edward Cronjager

MUSIC:  Ronald Stein

Availability:  35mm; DVD
Date of Release:  1962

73 Minutes;  B&W 1.37/Mono


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