A woman who committed suicide arrives in Hell. The devil gives her a chance to escape her terrible fate by going back to earth to gather other damned souls. And, unfortunately for everyone on earth, she proves to be much better at her job of horror than even Satan expects.

This film was edited together from episodes of the Swedish TV series 13 DEMON STREET. Lon Chaney was the host of the show and he shot new footage, in the role of Satan, for the film.

Lon Chaney Jr.  as  Satan
Karen Kadler  as  Satanya

Michael Hinn  as  John Radian

PRODUCERS:  Kenneth Herts, Gustaf Unger
DIRECTOR:  Herbert L. Strock
WRITER:  Leo Guild


MUSIC:  Alfred Gwynn
Availability:  35mm; DVD
Date of Release:  1961
72 Minutes;  B&W


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