Jeanette, a stripper, is disfigured in a car accident. She seeks a cure at a secret laboratory where a Prof. Levin has perfected a serum which regenerates cells. The serum works but because Jeanette needs multiple treatments, Prof. Levin runs out. He decides to directly transplant into Jeanette the neck glands (which naturally produce the serum) from another woman. Soon, more donors are needed and, to augment his courage, Levin injects himself with Serum 25 so that he can transform into an atomic age 'vampire' and kill without guilt.

Produced by legendary horror stylist Mario Bava.
Alberto Lupo  as  Prof. Alberto Levin
Suzanne Loret  as  Jeanette Moreneau
Sergio Fantoni  as  Pierre Mornet
Franca Parisi  as  Monique
Roberto Bertea  as  Sasha

PRODUCER:  Mario Bava
DIRECTOR:  Anton Giulio Majano
MUSIC:  Armando Trovajoli

Availability:  35mm, DVD
Date of Release:  1960
87 Minutes; Black & White
Dubbed to English


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