With a script by the infamous Ed Wood, how can you miss?

The execution of a convicted killer drives his brother to embark on a murderous campaign against those who helped send his brother to the gas chamber. After almost beating to death the son of the district attorney and setting fire to the judge's house, Chet learns that his sister's boyfriend was the primary witness whose testimony led to the death penalty conviction. Chet also blames the boy friend for the accidental death of one of his friends, and sets into motion his final murderous act of revenge.

Star Ronnie Burns was the adopted son of legendary comic team George Burns and Gracie Allen and appeared regularly on their hit TV show.
Ronnie Burns  as  Mickey
Pamela Lincoln  as  Pat

Darrell Howe  as  Chet
Russ Bender  as  Frank
Don Devlin  as  Moe

Judy Howard  as  Sandy

DIRECTOR:  Boris Petroff
WRITERS:  Ed Wood,

Availability:  35mm, DVD
Date of Release:  1961

75 Minutes; Black & White
1.85 Flat/Mono


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