A Roger Corman Classic!
Here's the plot in a nutshell:  When Herald Gern, his wife Evelyn and his lawyer Martin Joyce, go scuba diving in Puerto Rico, they don't expect the whole world to change.  However, it certainly has. While they were down below, something caused the world's oxygen to disappear from the atmosphere, and it is only their diving equipment that saved them. When God created the world, he made Adam and Eve, but what happens when there is a second man around to complicate things? Evelyn is faced with some hard choices, the choices of the last woman on earth!
Having finished his film CREATURE FROM THE HAUNTED SEA early, director Roger Corman decided to put the same beautiful Puerto Rican locations and the acting talent he still had on hand to work on this film.  Robert Towne (CHINATOWN) wrote the script in a matter of days -- and at the same time it was being filmed -- and at the same time he was acting in it -- so although its not Towne's best screenplay, it certainly is interesting and moody.
The original music by Ronald Stein is a pleasant surprise and is some of his best work.  In fact, and purely by coincidence, Stein's evocotive title theme is very reminicent of Jerry Goldsmith's much later score for CHINATOWN.
Betsy Jones-Moreland  as  Evelyn Gern
Antony Carbone  as  Harlod Gern
Robert Towne  as  Martin Joyce

DIRECTOR - Roger Corman
WRITER - Robert Towne
CINEMATOGRAPHY - Jacques R. Marquette
EDITOR - Anthony Carras
Availability:  35mm; DVD
Date of Release:  1960
71 Minutes; Color; Mono; Cinemascope


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