Wow, here's a bizarro exploitation classic from 1959 that poses as a classy "art house" film.  Great fun and quite laughable today, the movie's poster states it was filmed by 17 different cameramen -- which is probably true because much of the film is stock and archive footage.  Shot in India, Africa, Bali and New Guinea, it features all kinds of primitive mating rituals -- even though today this movie would probably get just a PG rating.  The numerous topless scenes are about as racy as looking at a vintage National Geographic magazine!  Hysterical highlights of the movie are "The Dance of the Fertility Tree" and "The Peek-A-Boo Betrothal". 

All this wonderful footage is framed by an artsy animated opening sequence with a vocal provided by some anonymous lounge singer.  To hear this poor fellow croon the title song ("Oooh -- The Mating Urge") is worth the price of admission.  A perfect double feature with our other shock-umentary KARAMOJA.

Numerous Horny Primitives Seeking Romance

Produced by Howard Brown and Richard Morean
Original Music by Stanley Wilson
Availability:  35mm
Date of Release:  1959

Approx. 75 Minutes Minutes;  Color 1.37/Mono


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