Randolph Scott stars in this Western, based on a story by Zane Grey.Scott investigates a series of murders in a small mining town where a future inheritance appears to be the motivation. Scott must battle the bad guys, find out who the killer is and romance Ann Sheridan -- all at the same time.An interesting film that mixed the Western and Mystery genres together.This was director Charles Barton's third film and, of course, he goes on to direct several Abbott and Costello films.

Randolph Scott  as  Larry Sutton
Ann Sheridan  as  Rita Ballard
Charles 'Chic' Sale  as  Deputy 'Tex' Murdock

Kathleen Burke  as  Flora Ballard

Mrs. Leslie Carter  as  Mrs. Adolph Borg

PRODUCER:  Harold Hurley
DIRECTOR:  Charles Barton

WRITER:  Zane Grey


Availability:  35mm, DVD
Date of Release:  1935

63 Minutes;  B&W


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