Rodeo rider Jim Travis agrees to help city slicker Jim Traft build a fence to stop cattle rustler Clay Jackson. But they don’t count on Slinger Dunn whose father and grandfather were both killed stopping the last drift fence, which threatened to cut resources from the Dunn ranch. The battle lines are drawn, and when Travis falls in love with Slinger’s sister Molly, things are headed for a showdown – climaxing with cattle rustling, shootouts…and a surprise revelation about an undercover Texas Ranger. The two-fisted Western action never stops in DRIFT FENCE.

Co-star Katherine DeMille was the adopted daughter of legendary director Cecil B. DeMille and was later married to actor Anthony Quinn.

Larry “Buster” Crabbe  as  Slinger Dunn
Katherine DeMille  as  Molly Dunn

Effie Ellsler  as  Grandma Dunn
Tom Keene  as  Jim Travis

PRODUCER:  Adolph Zukor
DIRECTOR:  Otho Lovering
WRITERS:  Robert Yost, Stuart Anthony


Availability:  35mm
Date of Release:  1936
56 Minutes;  B&W 1.37/Mono


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