HERCULES AND THE CAPTIVE WOMEN (also known as HERCULES CONQUERS ATLANTIS) is one of the best Sword & Sandal films ever made.  It's big, colorful and very fun.  If Frederico Fellini had directed an action film, it would look like this.

A lavish Technicolor and Cinemascope spectactular, the film was shot in 70mm in 1961, but not released in North America until 1963.  The movie has the look and feel of a giant summer blockbuster.  With its obviously huge budget, massive sets, incredible miniatures and special effects way ahead of their time... HERCULES AND THE CAPTIVE WOMEN is at the top of most lists as the definitive Italian action movie.
Hercules is played by Reg Park, who not only looks the part, but his sincere performance adds a great deal of depth to what would otherwise could be a two dimensional character.  The rest of the cast is excellent too... including Fay Spain as the evil Queen of Atlantis, Ettore Manni, Mimmo Palmara and the beautiful Laura Efrikian, who's a revelation here.

All in all, HERCULES AND THE CAPTIVE WOMEN is highly recommended Peplum!

Reg Park  as  Hercules
Fay Spain  as  Queen Antinea of Atlantis
Ettore Manni  as  Androclo
Luciano Marin  as  Illo
Laura Efrikian  as  Ismene

DIRECTOR  -  Vittorio Cottafavi
PRODUCER  -  Hugo Grimaldi
WRITERS  -  Sandro Continenza, Duccio Tessari
CINEMATOGRAPHY  -  Carlo Carlini
MUSIC  -  Gino Marinuzzi, Armando Trovajoli
Availability:  35mm (Printed down from 70mm Negative); DVD
Date of Release: 1961

94 Minutes; Technicolor;
Mono; Dubbed to English


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