Big game hunters in Africa find a breed that they didnít expect Ė a lost tribe of white Amazons. These wild women have never come into contact with civilization but they all wear high heels. And thatís one of the most believable things about this movie. BOWANGA! BOWANGA! (aka WHITE SIRENS OF AFRICA or WILD WOMEN) Wasnít intended as a comedy but itís more hilarious than most comedies youíve ever seen.

And for the perfect Weird Jungle Sirens double bill, pair this one with WILD WOMEN OF WONGO, also available.

Lewis Wilson  as  Trent
Dana Wilson  as  Queen Bonga Bonga

Frances Dubay  as  High Priestess

Mort Thompson  as  Kirby

PRODUCER:  Morris M. Landres
DIRECTOR:  Norman Dawn

WRITER:  Norman Dawn


Availability:  35mm, DVD
Date of Release:  1951
53 Minutes;  Black & White 1.37/Mono


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