Some of legendary writer Ben Hecht's best work comes to the screen in a two-in-one show business-themed comedy-drama that reveals what goes on when the greasepaint comes off.  In "Actor's Blood," washed-up stage star Edward G. Robinson assembles all the suspects in the murder of his actress-daughter (Marsha Hunt); and in "Woman of Sin," a Hollywood agent discovers to his chagrin that a highly sought-after script was written by a nine-year-old girl (Ben's daughter Jenny Hecht)!  The film is noted for the rare screen appearances of studio titans Louis B. Mayer and Jack L. Warner.
ACTORS AND SIN is a great peek at pre-blacklist Hollywood ofthe early 1950's.  In fact, the seams of star Marsha Hunt's career fell apart right after the release of this film.  During the late 1930s and into the 1940s she had signed a number of petitions promoting liberal ideals, and was a member of the Committee for the First Amendment. A strong supporter for freedom of speech, these associations led to her name appearing in the pamphlet Red Channels. Although she was never called before the House Un-American Activities Commission, her name was nevertheless smeared in Hollywood. While she still found film work on occasion, it was rare. Working busily from 1935 until 1949, in over 50 films, she made only three films in the next eight years and this is one of them.
Theatrically distributed under license from Kit Parker Films.

Edward G. Robinson  as  Maurice Tillayou
Eddie Albert  as  Orlando Higgins
Marsha Hunt  as  Marcia Tillayou
Alan Reed  as  Jerome
Dan O'Herlihy  as  Alfred O'Shea
Jenny Hecht  as  Millicent
Louis B. Mayer  as  Himself
Jack L. Warner  as  Himself

WRITER:  Ben Hecht
EDITOR:  Otto Ludwig
Availability:  35mm, DVD
Alternate Title: WOMAN OF SIN
Date of Release:  1952
Running Time:  82 Minutes


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