One of the most notorious movies of its day and still one of the weirdest, most entertaining westerns ever made. Oddball billionaire Howard Hughes directed (with some uncredited help from the great Howard Hawks) this fanciful retelling of the story of Pat Garrett (Thomas Mitchell) and Billy the Kid (Jack Beutel) with Doc Holliday (Walter Huston) thrown into the mix. But it was Jane Russell, in her film debut, who caused the most stir at the time, and had censors and religious groups calling for the film to be banned. Hughes designed a special bra for Russell and always made sure the camera was aiming directly at her photogenic chest. It drove people crazy in the 1940s and itís still a crowd-pleaser today.

Thomas Mitchell  as  Pat Garrett
Walter Huston  as  Doc Holliday

Jack Beutel  as  Billy the Kid

Jane Russell  as  Rio

PRODUCER:  Howard Hughes
DIRECTOR:  Howard Hughes

WRITER:  Jules Furthman


MUSIC:  Victor Young

Availability:  35mm; DVD
Date of Release:  1943

116 Minutes; B&W


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