Film Noir at its best.  In 1888, as Jack the Ripper terrorizes the foggy streets of London, a mysterious stranger moves into the attic room of a lodging house.  While the landlady begins to suspect that her lodger might be the Ripper, her daughter is taking a completely different kind of interest in him.  Are there bloody killings to come?  Oh you bet.  This is an atmospheric and unnerving remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic THE LODGER – and every bit as scary. 

The landlady is played by Frances Bavier. If you don’t recognize her, then you’ve never seen THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW on which she played Aunt Bee.

Jack Palance  as  Slade
Constance Smith  as  Lily Bonner
Frances Bavier  as  Helen Harley

Rhys Williams  as  William Harley

PRODUCER:  Robert L. Jacks
DIRECTOR:  Hugo Fregonese

WRITERS: Barre Lyndon, Robert Presnell Jr.
MUSIC:  Hugo Friedhofer

Availability:  35mm; DVD
Date of Release:  1953

82 Minutes; B&W 1.66/Mono


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