This rare and amazing glimpse inside the world famous Bolshoi Ballet was spectacularly filmed in 70mm and Technicolor by Soviet Mosfilm from 1965 through 1966.  Following a young girl on her first day at the Bolshoi School, this sweeping film shows dancers on and off-stage.It also gives the audience an idea of the incredible demands put on the students and performers.  The best parts of this delightful film are the many dance sequences set to music of the world's most famous composers.  Several complete pieces are presented --"Ravel Waltzes," with Ekaterina Maximova, "Paganini," with Natalia Bessmertnova, and Ravel's "Bolero," with an ever-growing host of dancers stamping their way up and down huge Spanish staircases.  Perhaps the best sequence is the last -- a Russian festival scene and gypsy dance from the ballet "The Stone Flower."  The gypsy woman is performed by Natalia Kasatkina, one of the Bolshoi's best character dancers, the pas de deux features radiant ballerina Raisa Struchkova and there's plenty of Russian character dancing.  The sets are truly incredible and were built especially for this film.

Ariane  as  The Narrator
Natalia Bessmertnova  as  Dancer
Y. Gregoriev  as  Dancer

Raisa Struchkova  as  Dancer

Natalia Kasatkina  as  Dancer

E. Kholinu  as  Dancer

A. Lavrenyuk  as  Dancer
Mikhail Lavrosky  as  Dancer

V. Levashev  as  Dancer
A. Osipenko  as  Dancer

DIRECTORS:  Leonid Lavrovsky, Aleksandr Shelenkov
MUSIC:  Bolshoi Symphony Orchestra

Availability:  35mm (Reduced from a 70mm Negative), DVD
Date of Release:  1966
75 Minutes; Technicolor;
Cinemascope; Mono


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