A delightful 109 minute program of vintage animation from the Miami, Florida studios of Max Fleischer.  Max and his brother, Dave, were the creative energy for some of the finest animation every filmed. They pioneered such techniques as rotoscoping (first filming a live actor and then animating the image for added realism) and 3-D modeling -- which made their cartoon's backdrops ultra realistic.  The show features the bizarre and sexy 1933 cartoon BETTY BOOP IN BLUNDERLAND, 1941's art-moderne SUPERMAN & THE MECHANICAL MONSTERS and the fully restored version of POPEYE MEETS ALI BABA & HIS FORTY THIEVES -- an 18-minute long "featurette."  Capping this line-up is the feature presentation, 1939's GULLIVER'S TRAVELS... Max Fleischer's masterpiece... using a rare original three-strip Technicolor print!
Popeye, Superman, Betty Boop, Gulliver and lots of Lilliputians!

PRODUCER:  Max Fleischer
DIRECTOR:  Dave Fleischer

Availability:  35mm
Date of Release:  1933-1941

109 Minutes; B&W and Color 1.37/Mono


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